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Please do not become distressed about sizing during your shopping trip. Manufacturers of formal wear do not size their clothing the same as manufacturers of sportswear such as jeans, t-shirts, etc. Also, we have gotten so used to wearing loose fitting comfy clothes that we aren't used to seeing ourselves in something that is form fitting and figure flattering.


When you come into the store we will ask if you are looking for a particular style or color. We will also ask what type of event and when the event is that you are shopping for since this may limit your choices. We will also ask if you know what size you wear. Remember, it's our job to help you find something you love that meets your needs and fits your budget. 


Don't worry. Hardly anyone knows what size gown they wear. It's not something you shop for that often and the sizing is CRAZY! It will also vary by designer, fabric and style of the gown. Usually we will start with your pant size if you appear to be curvy there or start with your top size if you are curvy there instead. This is probably the smallest size you can possibly wear. Sometimes you will have to go up one or two sizes or more. 


We also know that unless you are fairly tall or just happen to have the exact same measurements as the model that the manufacturer used when they made the gown, you are probably going to have to have some alterations done to have a perfect fit. This is especially true in the bust since most gowns are bigger there to accommodate all different cup sizes. You can always take in the bust of a gown to make it smaller, it's a bit more difficult to take it out and make it bigger.


If you come in and tell us you are a size 4 and we show you something in a size 8, please don't be upset. Many times, we have seen the dress on someone else and know how it fits. Even the placement of the zipper can affect the size you need and that is not something the typical shopper knows.


Most alterations on gowns (other than wedding gowns) can be done fairly inexpensively. We can refer you to a local seamstress or you can have anyone you know and trust alter your gown. Always ask the seamstress how much it will cost before you have her do the work so there are no surprises. Don't wait until the last minute because, remember, you are not the only girl going to a dance or getting married!


So, if you see a dress you absolutely LOVE, and it's close to your size, try it on! Oh, and we will happily cut out any size tag once you buy the dress.

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