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Prom Gowns


Elyse's Boutique has sold hundreds of gowns in the past year to high school and college students for Homecoming, Winter Formal, Pageants & Prom. Everyone's idea of the perfect prom gown is different but you can be sure we have all types of styles...from simply elegant evening gowns to fabulous mermaid styles to princess ball gowns. 


We've been told that our selection of modern, chic, funky, fun gowns in unique styles and colors is quite unexpected for a little shop in Green. (We LOVE this!) Pictured above are just a few of the gowns we have in the shop.  


**We also record the gowns by school & event ensuring we do not sell the exact same gown to two girls at the same school. No one likes to see someone else wearing "their" special gown!


Prom dress shopping begins in December and reaches it's peak in March as some proms start as early as April. If you wait until Prom is a week away your choices are a little more limited!  Our prom gowns are "off the rack" meaning you take the gown that you try on as we do not special order prom gowns. We have sizes 0 to 18 in the shop. Generally, they range in price from $150 to $650.


Be open and try on that dress that was ugly on the rack...chances are it's wonderful on!

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